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Tsunami Bomb

Still Standing 7"

Punk Rock

With their new 7” “Still Standing”, Tsunami Bomb has returned with their unique sound of keyboard driven bombastic punk rock with a dark edge and soaring vocals that gives an incredible fresh spin on some classic tracks.

Following up their emphatic return on the 2019 LP “The Spine That Binds”, Tsunami Bomb wanted to revisit two of their classic songs as a gift for their street team, The Bomb Squad.  The Irish jig driven “Irish Boys” is a live show favorite, but only previously available on a bedroom made 4 track recording from 1999. Another Tsunami Bomb beloved classic gets a revisit with “El Diablo”, a song that was co-written by Oobliette who had sadly left the band by the time it was originally recorded. Now in its intended form, the keyboards return with a vengeance making you wonder how they could have ever not been present. That’s just side A! Side B has two tracks exclusive to the vinyl, from a bootleg recording of the band in New York in 2018!

While the “Still Standing” 7” was supposed to be a limited edition pressing of 300 pink & blue vinyl just for their Bomb Squad street team, Jello Biafra caught wind of it and insisted it be given a wider release on Alternative Tentacles, allowing the world to hear this new classic from Tsunami Bomb.


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Distro Spotlight:

The Applicators


Punk Rock

“Running” is the latest 7” from The Applicators out of Austin, TX. Originally forming in 1999. The Applicators have done it all and toured the world with all your favorite bands. Heavily 80’s influenced, their power pop punk sound walked the line between tough as nails and light and airy but always unforgettable. “Running” is their most mature release yet and the vocals of Sabrina Worthington (also in Oakland, CA band, Loud Graves) will haunt you long after the record ends.
Features the tracks “Running”, “Adelfa Drive”, and “Sound of Cars”