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Alternative Tentacles has never shied away from embracing both the radical and the experimental, serving to expand the world’s idea of what constitutes punk. In our effort to continue to best showcase our incredible collection of music and maintain and expand our catalog, while bringing you the best experience possible, we are very proud to announce the official Alternative Tentacles Patreon!

We are offering 5 different tiers, Virus, Bat, Tentacle, Squid, and Plague; each with some incredible incentives and benefits to you! With access to some incredible limited edition releases. That’s 5 different ways you can help support our mission to continue expand the boundaries of the weird, wild, and wonderful world of Alternative Tentacles. Each month you’ll have access to pre-ordering a different ultra-limited edition of our catalog. As you’ll see below, it’s off to an incredible start…

Our 7″ Club will take a new form moving forward with our first offering from the a new member of our Alternative Tentacles Records family, SANDRIDER from Seattle, WA.. Sign up at our TENTACLE or PLAGUE tier and you will automatically pre-order the limited to 300 splatter of their new 7″ “Aviary/Baleen”

Our first Patreon exclusive LP pre-order is huge. Join the Patreon now at our SQUID or PLAGUE tiers and you will be automatically pre-ordering the limited to 400 red and black splatter of NOMEANSNO “Wrong”. You can ONLY get this copy through the Patreon.

Both versions are available for pre-order on the Patreon the next month only. So don’t wait… for a larger breakdown of each tier and the amazing benefits, head over our new Patreon page for all the details.