Jucifer was formed in 1993 by Gazelle Amber Valentine and her then-boyfriend Edgar Livengood, who, according to Valentine, coined the band’s name from a statement he heard during O.J. Simpson’s trials for the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman: “If he’s guilty, then he’s the devil and The Juice is Lucifer.” They released their first album, Calling All Cars on the Vegas Strip, through fan run indie label Crack Rock. After this release, they signed to major label Capricorn Records, which reissued the album in 2000. With Jucifer still signed and awaiting release of its second album recorded in 1999, Capricorn officially went out of business. However a skeleton staff continued under the name Velocette Records, which released extended play EP Lambs in 2001 I Name You Destroyer in 2002 and War Bird in 2004. For their fifth release, If Thine Enemy Hunger, Jucifer signed to Relapse Records,

In March 2008, Jucifer released the double album, L’Autrichienne on Alternative Tentacles which was recorded in July 2007. To support the album, Jucifer embarked on their first tour through Europe. After their very successful European tour they toured over the United States and Canada. In 2010 Jucifer founded its own label, Nomadic Fortress Records, and signed a distribution deal with Relapse Records for its output. The band continues to tour constantly, both across North America and returning to Europe in 2010.

The album Throned In Blood was released in April 2010 by Nomadic Fortress Records and on vinyl by Alternatve Tentacles. This album channels the raw hostility, black metal, death metal, and especially doom qualities which have dominated Jucifer’s live show but rarely been heard on their albums.

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